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ramadan planner 2019/ ramadan journal 2019

Motivate Children through colourful charts, organisers & certificate.

Motivate and help keep your child on track with this beautiful printable sheets. Encouraging kids to keep track of their daily fard ibaadahs and any voluntary ibadaahs they might choose to do along with their school work and activities. 

Ramadan 2019 planner comes with a monthly planner to write their broad goals, ambitions and any activities like going over to aunts place,etc.

Weekly planner to track their weekly activities, lessons, studies as well as any other activity their might want to track. Its a good way for developing good activities.

Ramadan daily planner comes with precise tracking of their daily to-do’s. With also place to write down their thoughts and reflect on their feelings.

Finally we have a certificate awarded to the child for their efforts from their proud mum and dad. 

Download the free PDF for your children before Ramadan starts.

Print Suggestions:

Ramadan 2019 planner cover – 1

Ramadan 2019 Monthly planner -1

Ramadan 2019  weekly planner – 5

Ramadan 2019 daily planner – 30

Ramadan 2019  certificate- 1


New year Resolutions for ramadhan

Looking back at the year and making new Resolutions for the coming year

We are halfway through the Ramadan. It’s time to reflect on what we achieved & learned in the last year. Also, we should take this opportunity to set some targets and make some resolutions for the next year.  

Use this free printable PDF, put it in your room, your study, diary. A place where you can periodically go an check on your deen progress.

May Allah accept all our ibadat and keep us steadfast on his Deen.

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Ramdhan Checklist for big kids

Ramadhan checklist for kids over 7 years who are fasting.

Ramdhan Checklist for small kids

Ramadhan checklist for kids under 7 years who are attempting to fast and not praying fard salah yet.

Encourage reading

Encourage daily reading using this weekly reading ninja chart.